Dr. Cedric Joseph Oliva 

Intercomprehension, Romance Linguistics, Teaching Methodology  

Juntos: French for Speakers of English and Spanish and Juntos: Italian for Speakers of English and Spanish are specially designed programs of study for students who already speak Spanish and English and who start learning French or Italian. The Juntos series come as a response to the growing number of students in North American high schools, colleges and universities who have a working knowledge of both Spanish and English.  This courseware that builds upon this pre-existing linguistic knowledge base utilizing intercomprehension, a method that emphasizes the similarities among Romance languages, Juntos sensitizes learners to the linguistic “bridges” that link languages and can accelerate acquisition. The Juntos series is conceived to be used in tandem with any first-year program language acquisition, as Juntos lessons blend seamlessly with any communicative, task-based or storytelling approach to language teaching.

Dr. Donato and Dr. Oliva introducing Juntos previews at the Anatol Center in 2014.